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Released: 2nd May 2005.

Eminem - MockingbirdOne of the highlights of the "Encore" album is this Hailie-inspired rap ballad, "Mockingbird". Eminem's musical moments of personal catharsis ("Sing For The Moment", "Stan") have always exceeded his comic outings ("Without Me", "Just Lose It") and this is true again on "Mockingbird". With a haunting piano beat based on the old nursery rhyme and featuring slick wordplay and delivery from the Caucasian rapper, this new single definitely shows how masterful Eminem can be when dealing with hip-hop.

* * * * * (Muzikritik)

So you think Eminem's music is lightweight, fun and without any deep meaning? Think again! Whilst this may not be quite up there with his very best, "Mockingbird" is certainly a very deep, autobiographical song (same goes for the video), with lyrics that yet again prove Eminem to be one of the most intelligent lyricists around.

* * * * (Terence)

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