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Released: 1st January 2001.

One of these days Lene Marlin might just release a single in which it's possible to make out >all the lyrics. Unfortunately that's not the case this time around, but fortunately it's no bad thing. As with "Sitting Down Here" and "Unforgivable Sinner", Lene's angelic vocals over the hummable acoustic guitar-led track make this a pleasure to listen to. It's just a shame it's not that different to her previous stuff.

* * * * (Amir)

Third single from Norwegian singer Lene Marlin, who won the MTV award for Best Nordic Act. This carries on in the same way the previous two singles did, but isn't really as good. It's pleasant enough, but does get a little boring. I'm not sure this will make the Top 20, as it hasn't been an immediate airplay hit like the last two were.

* * * (Ben Cook)

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