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Released: 23rd May 2005.

Crazy Frog - Axel FFor a number of months now, our TV screens, particularly those of music TV channels, have been plagued by adverts for mobile phone ringtones downloadable at extortionate prices. With the increasing abilities of phone technology they can now include video, and so, someone created a character called 'Crazy Frog'. Sounding like someone doing a joke impression of a Formula 1 racing car and looking truly freaky, this creature has plagued TV and mobile phones, and is now plaguing the charts. First up, he does some random noise over the Harold Faltermeyer classic "Axel F", and whilst it's great to see the original dusted down, the silly frog noises over the top make it unbearable!

* (matthew_dixon)

A-ding-ding-ding-ding-honk-honk. Inspired lyrics, right? Yeah, so we all thought the Crazy Frog was brilliant when the adverts first appeared, but does it really need to be capitalised on in this fashion?! With the tackiest video since "(I'd Like To Give U) One 4 Christmas", this could be the most unjustified hit of the year.

* (king_oxymoron)

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