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Released: 9th May 2005.

The Futureheads follow up their biggest hit "Hounds Of Love" with the even better "Decent Days And Nights." This is the second time this has been released now, but all is forgiven, as the song itself is really one of the best around. Catchy riffs, and some strange, but true lyrics, make this stand out. It could be described as a fusion between Franz Ferdinand and Kaiser Chiefs, but at the moment, comparisons are unnecessary - just sit back and enjoy the song.

* * * * * (Twixy)

"This is a brand new problem, a problem without any clues." Hardly the most conventional of opening lines to a song, but then again, what could be expected from a band whose last single was a Kate Bush cover? The Sunderland lads showcase one of the standout tracks from their album with this much needed re-release. It epitomises all that is great about indie-rock music at the moment, and hopefully will give the band their second Top 10 single.

* * * * * (matthew_dixon)

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