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Released: 23rd May 2005.

Daniel Bedingfield - The WayDaniel Bedingfield's album is a masterpiece. When I first heard it, I was amazed, and fell in love with songs like "Wrap My Words Around You", but interestingly, didn't like "The Way". It's funny how a song's single release can change your opinion. Now, I think it's one of the strongest singles of the year, from the subtle high notes to the huge booming notes that only Daniel can master. A national genius, it's a shame his work is no longer appreciated.

* * * * * (king_oxymoron)

The unlucky Bedingfield is back with the third cut from his flop album "Second First Impression". With his last effort failing to even reach the Top 10, Daniel is hoping to try his luck with "The Way". To hear something in an indie style from Daniel was a surprise for me, but it was more of a bad surprise than a good one. With this song, he tries to adapt his style to something more current, but fails in the process. This would really have been best left on the album.

* * (Ilya Khorkov)

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