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Released: 8th January 2001.

This sounds like it could well be the best song ever. Macy Gray, one of the best female solo artists around today, and Fatboy Slim, who's just plain brilliant, together at last. This song deserves the coveted No. 1 slot that it's so rightly destined for. Macy Gray, we love you!

* * * * * (Mr Kwes)

What do you get when you mix an annoying dance track with annoying R&B? Two very confused artists with no clue whatsoever! "Demons" is probably the worst single so far this year. Although it's slightly better than the previous "Bird Of Prey", it's still no excuse for releasing this song. Doesn't Fatboy Slim know that Macy Gray still has a future as a solo artist? If there's one way to destroy a career, Macy's fallen for it.

* (JamesCarter)

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