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Released: 16th May 2005.

Mylo - In My ArmsThe third single from Mylo's much hyped debut album "Destroy Rock & Roll" is the catchy "In Your Arms". And yes, it is the third single in the last few months to sample Boy Meets Girl's "Waiting For A Star To Fall", although it's not as obvious as the recent Cabin Crew or Sunset Strippers hits. Choosing only a single line from the song, this electronic dance track has been a long time coming - you may recognise it from some BBC adverts late last year. Mylo's really proving to be a force to be reckoned with, and I wouldn't be surprised if this popular floor filler became his biggest hit to date.

* * * * (SholasBoy)

Definitely Mylo's weakest single to date, "In My Arms" is neither spectacular nor extraordinary, as one might have expected. Two 80s hits were the inspiration behind this creation, where a lyric from "Waiting For A Star To Fall" is looped over a music sample from "Bette Davis Eyes" ad nauseum. Even though it's enjoyable to a degree, it manages to disappoint in the end, since you know it's coming from someone who can do much better.

* * (grybop)

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