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Released: 16th May 2005.

For the second release from "Thug Matrimony", the little known Trick Daddy teams up with the excellent Ludacris and the so so Cee-Lo. "Sugar (Gimme Some)" is little more than your standard hip-hop fare - no frills, no effort and uninspired production. This Daddy has had a few hit albums in the US, but he's never really made it here. It's clear to see why when he's offering nothing we haven't already imported from the US a hundred times before.

* * * (SholasBoy)

Following the unbearable "Let's Go", Trick Daddy is back, this time with a catchier song. While the subject matter can be found to be rather disgusting and inappropriate, it manages to remain catchy and at least somewhat listenable. It's another one of those songs that's good for a few minutes, then after a while will make you want to change the station.

* * (FreakyFlyBry)

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