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Released: 16th May 2005.

Stonebridge Vs Ultra Naté - Freak OnHaving scored two big UK hits with "Put 'Em High" and "Take Me Away", Swedish producer Stonebridge teams up with veteran dance vocalist Ultra Naté for his third outing on the Hed Kandi label. To be honest, I found this a little disappointing. The strength of his previous two hits was in their hypnotic, atmospheric quality, something which this lacks. It tries to be more upbeat, but, in my view, comes across a little on the bland side. It's still worth checking out, and the remix from Ferry Corsten is not without merit.

* * * (Cypher)

Swedish producer Stonebridge is back with another release from his "Can't Get Enough" album. He's teamed up with dance diva Ultra Naté for this one, a slice of atmospheric, 80s sounding house, which is slightly reminiscent of Shakedown's huge hit "At Night" from 2002. "Freak On" has the structure of a typical song (you won't find any looped vocals here), which is certainly a plus, yet the result is nothing particularly memorable. Maybe it's time for a new album?

* * * (grybop)

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