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Released: 16th May 2005.

Canadian super-producer Max Graham continues the current trend of re-vamping 80s hits into contemporary funky house anthems with his take on the Yes classic. For me, this ticks a lot of boxes: it retains the original vocals and the original instrumental without destroying the spirit of the track it attempts to reproduce. Added to that, clever use is made of sidechain compression technology to imbue the record with a 'pumping' feel throughout. In short, this is exactly how a dance re-work should be done.

* * * * (Cypher)

Yes fans will be cringing at the thought of this, but for the rest of us, let's sit back and accept that this is one looped house track that actually works rather well. Whilst "Call On Me" became rather repetitive, and some other looped tracks simply don't work, this one is an inspired sample and a very nice song. It's been massive on airplay and club play, so despite it being a tough week, Top 10 looks almost a certainty.

* * * * (matthew_dixon)

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