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Released: 23rd May 2005.

Amerie - 1 ThingRich Harrison, the man behind hip-hop stompers "Crazy In Love" and "Get Right" serves up what is destined to be the biggest hit of Amerie's career. Like most Rich Harrison efforts, the brilliance of this urban track lies in its irresistible production. On top of that, the gorgeous Amerie's raunchy new look and the fact it features on the Will Smith comedy "Hitch" will no doubt help to ensure massive success, and rightly so.

* * * * * (Muzikritik)

If you've got any form of music TV, this song has been inescapable for months, and it's finally getting launched onto the UK charts. Quite frankly though, it's one of the worst songs we've had this year. It's trying to be something like "Crazy In Love", though the beat is somewhat weaker and the tune largely consists of just two notes. What makes it all the worse, however, is that Amerie sadly doesn't have a particularly fantastic voice. All in all, this one probably looked better on paper than it's turned out.

* (matthew_dixon)

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