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Released: 15th January 2001.

All Saints - All Hooked UpWhat do we have here? Cheeky, rude and dirty lyrics: "I know that you want a piece of my ass", "Why's this fool all up in my ass". No, this isn't the Spice Girls, but All Saints carry on rolling the hits out. Not as great as their previous singles, but it's still a groover. Shaz, Mel, Nic and Nat look like they'll be getting a sixth No. 1 this week!

* * * * (JamesCarter)

This sounds to me like a strange hybrid between their "new" sound and shades of their "old" one, with the smoothness of "Black Coffee" set against the sassiness of "I Know Where It's At". With speculation mounting that the group is set to split, this may well be a fitting tribute to the current line up.

* * * * (Janet Valentine)

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