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Released: 2nd May 2005.

The Bad Machines - Telling LiesThe Bad Machines are a duo of vocalist Michelle Margherita and instrumentalist Paul Scott, but is there any more to the band than their lead singer's rather peculiar name?

When you start listening to the album, you're met with "Two Heads", a very current-sounding indie anthem. Elastica influences are abound, and it's clear that this has been a live favourite with the band for quite some time.

Progressing on to track two, and the tempo slows down, never to pick up again. Michelle's voice is sweet and quirky, and "South Coast" does it justice, despite not being a patch quality-wise on "Two Heads".

That voice is what carries the rest of the album, which at times struggles in the song-quality department.

Give the songs a few listens though, and they start to click, and you realise that this isn't a one-song-wonder of an album after all.

* * * * (matthew_dixon)

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