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Released: 23rd May 2005.

Proving once again that the UK currently easily outclasses the US on urban music, here's the second single from Keisha White. A much more upbeat and funky song than her debut "Don't Care Who Knows", this punchy tune has all the ingredients to make it a massive hit. Sadly, the bland, overproduced, tuneless American stuff out this week will triumph, and this will be totally glossed over, which is a great shame.

* * * * (matthew_dixon)

The second single from Keisha White's shamefully ignored debut album "Seventeen" is a bit of a let down unfortunately. "Don't Fool A Woman In Love" is one of those songs that shows how large the margin between UK and US R&B can be at times. As much as I love Keisha, I really think that if she wants to market herself as something better than your average artist (which she certainly is), she needs to give the Great British public a little more credit and deliver something that will really challenge their taste buds.

* * * (SholasBoy)

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