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Released: 15th January 2001.

I'm not a fan of rock at all, but Limp Bizkit are one of my favourite bands of the moment. "Rollin'" is yet another slammin' anthem, with their usual hard-hitting guitar riffs and Fred Durst's remarkable raps. Should be another Top 10 hit for them.

* * * * * (Angela)

Listening to "Rollin'" just makes you want to bang your head against a brick wall. If this isn't your style, then I recommend you don't buy it! Taken from their strangely titled album "Chocolate Starfish & The Hot Dog Flavoured Water", which has been a global No. 1, "Rollin'" is nowhere near as catchy or classy as "Take A Look Around". I wouldn't be surprised if it only scraped in at the very bottom of the charts.

* * (JamesCarter)

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