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Released: 30th May 2005.

Groove Coverage - PoisonAfter a long delay, Groove Coverage finally release one of their strongest releases to date. It's a cover of the Alice Cooper classic "Poison", and has been done to excellent effect. Vocalist Verena shines, and a quite controversial video accompanies the track, which has already been taken off music TV channel The Box. This deserves to reach the Top 10, but a lack of promotion and airplay means this will probably only scrape into the Top 20 at best. Quite a shame, as this is fantastic stuff.

* * * * * (LightSeeker)

German dance act and cover band Groove Coverage get their hands on Alice Cooper's classic "Poison". The song works well with the female vocals and has been keeping dancefloors alive in Europe. I was in love with this song too, but that was at the end of 2003 when it was released in Germany. They should've released this at that time in the UK as well, because right now I see a big flop from the east heading to the UK.

* * * (honeystacia)

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