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Released: 15th January 2001.

Madison Avenue - Everything You NeedI was definitely surprised by this! After the brilliant "Don't Call Me Baby" and the average "Who the Hell Are You?" I thought this song would continue the trend and be poor, but boy, was I wrong! This is catchy in every way a pop/garage song should be. It's good enough to be No. 1, but due to a lack of Radio 1 airplay I reckon Top 20 is more likely.

* * * * * (Richie Clarke)

Don't you just love a good Madison Avenue single? Taken from their debut album "Polyester Embassy", Australia's dance duo continue to take the UK by storm, following the success of "Don't Call Me Baby". They're hip, they're cool, they've got everything you need. Easily a Top 5 hit, but isn't their video just a little too saucy for younger fans?

* * * * (JamesCarter)

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