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Released: 13th June 2005.

Nelly - N Dey SaySpandau Ballet aren't necessarily the most obvious candidates to be sampled for a rap single, but Nelly has gone ahead and done just that. Based around the cheese classic "True", this single is a laid-back offering and, bad spelling aside, it works surprisingly well. It's not Nelly's strongest or most exciting effort, but is definitely something of a grower after a few listens. Whatever you think of it personally, "N Dey Say" will undoubtedly help the rap superstar to continue his success story here in the UK.

* * * (loopdaloop_69)

Don't you just hate it when artists, after obtaining a winning formula, keep sticking to that formula and never sound fresh ever again? So yes, it's another predictable 'rap ballad' from Nelly, and to make it sound vaguely distinctive and interesting, he samples Spandau Ballet's 80s smash "True". Although the sample doesn't really fit the song, it's practically the only thing worth commenting about this lifeless drivel. It should do well, although it clearly doesn't deserve to.

* * (Terence)

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