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Released: 15th January 2001.

Pink - You Make Me SickThe third single from the pink-haired singer, and it's almost as good as her previous efforts. This hard-edged Destiny's Child style R&B may be becoming slightly tiresome, but "You Make Me Sick" is a fantastic, upbeat and catchy song, with Pink's vocals as good as ever. She's quickly becoming a very well-known singer; let's just hope she's around for a few more albums at least.

* * * * (DS)

Smooth and mellow track (unlike the title) from the pink-haired one herself, this proves just how good her album "Can't Take Me Home" is. Although not as strong as the excellent "Most Girls", this holds its own in the American R&B genre of today. She slots in nicely and stands out in many ways... such as the hair!

* * * * (Chris Wells)

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