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Released: 30th May 2005.

The Black Eyed Peas - Monkey BusinessThe Black Eyed Peas finally hit back with the eagerly anticipated "Monkey Business", a follow up to the their breakthrough "Elephunk".

The album consists of a mixture of heavy basslines, strong beats, and a hint of both Bollywood and Latin influences throughout.

"Monkey Business" is guaranteed to have you heading for the dancefloor, or just a boogie in the bedroom, with highlight tracks including the lead single, "Don't Phunk With My Heart", "Don't Lie", "Feel It", the witty "My Humps", and collaborations with the Godfather of soul James Brown on "They Don't Want Music", plus an appearance from Sting in "Union".

Justin Timberlake also makes a pleasant return contribution on the catchy "My Style", as well as Jack Johnson on the calming, yet ever so funky, "Gone Going".

The Album does have its low points too. "Bebot" will have you reaching for the skip button, as the foreign tongue will end up driving you insane, and "Audio Delite At Low Fidelity" also appears to be nothing more but a filler.

However, the the good outweighs the bad, with 14 out of the 17 tracks being a mix of funktastic hip-hop with dancey and unmistakeable BEP rhythm.

* * * * (crazyman324)

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