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Released: 6th June 2005.

Shakira - Fijacion Oral 1The Latin sensation with the weirdest voice on Earth is back with a new album sung in Spanish, to be followed by an English release later on this year.

Promoted by "La Tortura", a quirky duet with Spain's bestselling artist Alejando Sanz, the album does not compare to 2001's "Laundy Service". Is that a bad thing though?

Where the previous record was all about hits and club bangers, this one is far more chilled out. The melodies strike as unpredictable, making the record drift into the background music territory.

Yet with a closer listen the gems are unveiled. "En Tus Pupilas" is smooth and dreamy despite the odd French bits, "Obtener Un Si" takes you on a jazzy trip, while the instrumental bridge in "Dia Especial" reminds you that this is not just another pop record.

If "Laundry Service" was a Coke, "Fijacion Oral Vol. 1" would probably be a mineral water with a hint of something you can't quite describe, but enjoy nevertheless.

* * * (Aneta Janssen)

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