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Released: 30th May 2005.

Timo Maas - First DayTimo Maas returns with a fantastic song that could be big over the summer. Teaming up with Placebo frontman Brian Molko, this is reminiscent of Stonebridge's recent release "Freak On", made all the more spectacular by Brian's unique vocals. Although the lyrics are somewhat predictable ("It's the first day of the rest of your life" etc), they do fit the song quite well, and an atmospheric, almost dark song is born. With the right promotion, this could be huge, but knowing how the music industry is, this will probably go unnoticed.

* * * * * (LightSeeker)

Timo Maas is back with the first single from his new album "Pictures", the follow up to the critically acclaimed "Loud". This track has already picked up somewhat of a following thanks to vocals provided by Placebo's Brian Molko. It ranks right at the top of his back catalogue with the amazing "To Get Down", although this time Timo could have a much bigger hit on his hands thanks to the electronic sound being rejuvenated by recent newcomers Mylo and Tom Vek. I wouldn't be surprised to see this not far from the Top 10.

* * * * * (SholasBoy)

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