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Released: 22nd January 2001.

I was very surprised to hear this song was getting a release over here in the UK - there's been no promotion, while the song and video have had minimal airplay. It's a nice track, very reminiscent of their hit "G.H.E.T.T.O.U.T." However, I just can't see this breaking the Top 40, since nobody knows it exists! Which is a shame, as the lyrics are really interesting, a refreshing change from the average R&B track of today.

* * * * (Tim Guy)

This is the R&B duo's first single from their third album "Visit Me". It's written by R&B superstar Joe, who, among others, recently wrote for Damage. It has his style all over it; it's slow, sexy and soulful. Nothing surprising or outstanding, but not too hard on the ears either.

* * * (Angela)

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