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Released: 13th June 2005.

Melanie Brown - TodayNo one expected her to come back, did they? But here's Melanie Brown with the first single to be lifted from "LA State Of Mind", her second album out of the band where she once was the loudest member. "Today" comes across as a gentle, mid-tempo, straight-pop number built up around an astonishing verse section and a not so great but nevertheless catchy chorus. Melanie is in a fine vocal form, and this shiny and optimistic track, perfect for summer, benefits from an excellent production and her undeniable explosive personality. The ex-Spice Girl has released some high quality material in the past and, although this is no "Tell Me" or "Feels So Good", it shows promise for this interesting second chapter of her solo career.

* * * * (Xevi)

After the recent flops of Geri's "Desire" and Melanie C'S "Next Best Superstar", the next lamb for the slaughter is Melanie B. After years away from the limelight, she returns with "Today" - a dull track with uninspiring vocals, empty lyrics and a poor chorus and hook. Having received little promotion, this could struggle to even break the Top 40.

* * (Jabba Dubba)

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