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Released: 6th June 2005.

U2 - City Of Blinding LightsOn hearing U2's new album, this song screamed out for release on first listen, and I'm glad it's been given a chance to shine. It's a typical U2 song, with the gritty voice of Bono and the fresh guitars carrying the tune. Developing into a fan favourite, it's instantly catchy, and reminds the listener of previous U2 material. A song I would love to see performed on their upcoming tour, it has the potential to do well in the charts.

* * * * (westhammer)

Now on the third single from their "How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb" album, it's just as disappointing that U2 didn't choose the right song to release as a single as the song itself. In saying that, "City Of Blinding Lights" is far from terrible - just not quite as memorable as their past efforts.

* * * (Paul Matthews)

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