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Released: 1st November 2004.

Farrah - Me TooComprising Jez Ashursh (largely lead vocals) Andrew Campbell (largely lead guitar) Michelle Margherita (bass) and Mike Hopkins (largely drums), this 2003 second album from Farrah passed totally unnoticed. Does it deserve a second chance?

As the first few tracks progress, you can see what this band are about - they're essentially a pop-punk band, with debut single "Tongue Tied" and "Daytime TV" both really strong single-potential tracks. However, just as you're starting to get worried that they're rather one trick ponies, they change style totally and give us an indie ballad.

The album continues through a varied style of rock/indie music and Farrah prove that they're well capable of coping with it. "It's Different For Girls" takes you to a magnificent place, yet the two ultimate tracks would have to be "First And Last", a track with painfully obvious influences from Green Day's "Time Of Your Life", and "Hopelessly Devoted" - a true lighters-in-the-air moment.

If Farrah don't make it big, then a major injustice will have happened in the music industry.

* * * * * (matthew_dixon)

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