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Released: 13th June 2005.

Jem - Just A RideAfter her storming debut "They", Jem is back with another song that becomes lodged in your head for a long time, partially thanks to her unique vocals. "Just A Ride" might have somewhat babyish rhyming lyrics, but it's the simplicity of the song that helps make it very endearing.

* * * * (Paul Matthews)

From the fantastic single that was "They", to this. Although quite summery and catchy, this song is most definitely not a standout from her debut album "Finally Woken". The lyrics seem pointless and the song itself is quite forgetful. After so much hype, this could be disastrous to her career. It does grow on you after further listens, and hopefully will do so on the public, but it's hard to predict how well it will do.

* * (westhammer)

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