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Released: 6th June 2005.

Conceived as an R&B track way back in 2001, "Freek U" has certainly had to jump through plenty of hoops to score an official UK release. It emerges now as a dance record, thanks to a rather groovy remix from Full Intention that's been supported by radio and club DJs alike. It's not hard to see why: the prominent bouzouki backing, the upbeat vocal performance from Vula, and that superb bassline all come together to form a track that is both distinctive and invocative of the season as summer approaches.

* * * * * (Cypher)

Bon Garcon release this strange piece of dance music. Its been a hit in the clubs for months now but i don't really like it. Its a bit voodoo like and strange. However it's not a bad song and will be entering the top 20 for sure.

* * * (conor123)

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