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Released: 22nd January 2001.

Usher - Pop Ya CollarI love this song! Taken from his new album which is due for release shortly, Usher has returned with his first single for two years. "Pop Ya Collar" may not be a classic tune like "You Make Me Wanna", but in my opinion it's not far behind. It's an uptempo tune, sure to fill the dancefloors, and the video's quite good as well. Can't wait to hear the whole album.

* * * * * (Carrie Kidd)

Is this song addictive or what! The first time you hear it you think "what the hell is this?", but then it drags you in and you're hooked. The lyrics are very positive, and the beats are catchy - what else would you expect from the writing and production of Kandi & Shek'spere? Unfortunately I have a feeling this is going to get played to death after a few weeks.

* * * * (Tim Guy)

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