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Released: 13th June 2005.

Green Day - Wake Me Up When September EndsFan favourite "Wake Me Up When September Ends" is the fourth single from the multi-platinum "American Idiot", and it certainly delivers. Showing that slow burners are Green Day's speciality, the single is like an ode to despair and hardship. The song is instantly catchy, and very memorable. Great to sing along with, the lyrics are deep and meaningful, telling of Billy's father's death. The video is great too, and really captures the message of this emotional song. I can see this eclipsing "Holiday" and going Top 10.

* * * * * (westhammer)

"American Idiot" was hailed as one of 2004's greatest rock albums and proved that the punk-pop veterans have truly matured. It also spawned three successful singles, leaving me wondering why we need another. Never mind the bizarre notion of releasing a song that begins "Summer has been and passed" just as the sun begins to appear, but without the context of the album, this song just sounds lost. Musically it's stuck somewhere between being the singalong rock anthem of "American Idiot" and the eerie, chugging ballad that is "Boulevard of Broken Dreams", yet it doesn't really excel at being either. It's far from being a bad song, but without the rest of the album to prop it up, it's pretty unremarkable. Wake me up when you've got a new album, thanks.

* * * (Ben Evans)

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