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Released: 4th April 2005.

Breed 77 - Breed 77Recently Breed 77 have had a few minor hits with singles from their album "Cultura", and so it seemed like a smart move for the Gibraltar four-piece to reissue their self-titled debut album... but how smart?

"Shadows" sets their stall out in cracking style, with a short burst of feedback before slamming straight into chunky riffing. Their sound is interesting - Latin-influenced melodies fused with modern metal stylings of hefty riffs and screeching fretplay from guitarist Danny Felice. "Breaking The Silence" takes the Latin theme even further and gives it a dark twist, with its eerie acoustic parts, the spooky sensation enhanced by Paul Isola's voice ringing deep and tuneful.

The most memorable track on the album, "Final Prayer", introduces acoustic Spanish folk music elements, while all the time having the threat of the heavy stuff just around the corner.

"Know That You Know" is a bass monster that could wake the dead, leading up to the gently moody "The Hole" which wraps things up in such a way as to make you skip back a few tracks and listen again.

So just how smart a move was it? If we imagine five stars equals "Paris Fashion Week" and one star equals "park bench by the Seine", I reckon we're somewhere in between.

* * * (John M)

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