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Released: 29th January 2001.

Atomic Kitten - Whole AgainAtomic Kitten reached a new level of maturity with their last single "Follow Me", and "Whole Again" follows (sorry) where it left off. With a simple yet effective video, not dissimilar to the Sugababes' "Overload", it provides a fitting tribute as Kerry's last song with the girls. On the other hand, "Follow Me" was their lowest charting single to date, which may suggest Atomic Kitten fans aren't ready to accept this change in style.

* * * * (Amir)

For a single that was supposed to be Kerry's last with the group, "Whole Again" is quite likely to be their weakest release so far. To be fair, it's a nice little ditty, but it lacks the punch of their previous songs. That said, it might do well since it IS Kerry's last single. Hopefully, it will.

* * * (Zaki Jumahri)

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