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Released: 27th June 2005.

Feeder - Pushing The SensesFeeder are back with the third single from their fantastic album of the same name. "Pushing The Senses" really is a fresh burst of energy from the band who brought us some real 90s indie classics, not to mention some classics in the making. Hopefully they won't be going anywhere any time soon.

* * * * * (Tiger)

The title track from Feeder's almost No. 1 album "Pushing The Senses" is one of the album's most unusual. Since most of the album is soulfully melancholy, this track harks back to their more rockier songs ("Come Back Around", "Buck Rogers", "Just A Day"). Good stuff, but other tracks like "Frequency" and "Bitter Glass" would make better singles.

* * * (Dave Kirkham)

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