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Released: 20th June 2005.

M.V.P. - Roc Ya Body 'Mic Check 1,2'Cast your mind back to summer 2003, when the likes of Sean Paul, Wayne Wonder and Lumidee were all part of the dancehall craze using the 'Diwali' riddim. Whilst this song doesn't make use of that particular style, it's still an extremely catchy, dancehall-tinged track with a Latin feel, that would've fit perfectly alongside those artists two years ago. Ironically enough, this has actually been around since 2003 anyway, albeit only in the US. Produced by Robert Clivilles, it marks his return to the limelight after the death of fellow C&C Music Factory partner David Cole. Hopefully this marks a full time comeback for the musical genius who, based on this effort, has lost none of his creativity.

* * * * * (Amir)

Definitely the single of the week. A ragga/hip-hop tune which has been gaining spins on the radio over the last couple of weeks, this one deserves to be massive. It's very catchy, very danceable, and unlike songs from 50 Cent, it has quality.

* * * * * (Mykka)

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