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Released: 20th June 2005.

It's been almost five years since Armand Van Helden first appeared on the dance scene with "You Don't Know Me", but his winning formula continues to work. Back with some fresh material in the shape of "Into Your Eyes", the DJ is going to be the main person on the dancefloors for months to come. "Into Your Eyes" is a very catchy house tune with looped lyrics and a funky beat similar to that of "My My My". The single is packed with mixes from Sebastien Leger and Sant & Matteo, making it a worthwhile purchase.

* * * * * (Ilya Khorkov)

Armand Van Helden's back after the average "My My My", which turned out to be surprisingly massive. He continues his road through looped house, but this time he's made a catchier song, and an interesting video to accompany it. It won't be a hit, but it deserves to be bigger than his previous effort.

* * * * (Mykka)

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