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Released: 20th June 2005.

Gavin DeGraw - I Don't Want To BeOne could be forgiven for thinking this is another John Mayer clone. America's Gavin DeGraw went to the same musical college that Mayer dropped out of, and has a debut single with a similar theme as John's debut single "No Such Thing". But this is where the similarity ends. "I Don't Want To Be" has an air of frustration and plenty of rock. You'll be singing along with this sooner than you think.

* * * * (SR)

Featured on the soundtrack to "The OC", this has become a runaway hit in the US of A, and in turn is released worldwide to cash in on the show's fame. Gavin is a talented singer/songwriter, and this, his debut single, is a rock song with an edge of pop to appeal to the masses. And appeal it certainly does, as it's one of the best songs out this week.

* * * * (Tiger)

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