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Released: 20th June 2005.

2Pac - Ghetto GospelAnd the hits just keep on coming. It's always increasingly staggering just how many great 2Pac singles can still be released. With a sample from an old Elton John album track and production from Eminem, this is one 2Pac track that's had help from some living legends to make it as excellent as it is. The sample works really well, and 2Pac was on top form when he recorded this one.

* * * * (matthew_dixon)

Hip-hop's reigning posthumous musician, 2Pac has yet another track ready for a single release this week. Although even his most loyal fans must be gradually tiring of this, "Ghetto Gospel", with its stripped instrumentation and borrowed chorus vocals from an unlikely young Elton John, is definitely a worthwhile addition to the late rapper's catalogue. Not sure how well it'll place on the chart, but the mellow, sombre mood of this haunting hip-hop ballad will ensure this becomes yet another classic for Mr Shakur.

* * * (Muzikritik)

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