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Released: 5th February 2001.

Joe feat. Mystikal - StutterAnother heavyweight R&B number sweeping the nation is the unique sounding radio edit of "Stutter". With a harder edge than what was already a fantastic album track, Joe employs the aggressive sound of Mystikal, complete with catchphrase "Watch yourself!" to add some extra spark. The result a brilliant piece of contemporary R&B, which will not only get the approval of hardcore fans, but is also making the crossover into the mainstream. Single of the year (so far)!

* * * * * (CJB)

Slightly different to the original version on the album "My Name Is Joe", this remix features loud-mouthed lyrics from Mystikal. Together they make a good combination, and the 'stuttering' chorus is really quite original.

* * * * (Angela)

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