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Released: 27th June 2005.

Backstreet Boys - IncompleteMany thought the once unstoppable Backstreet Boys were dead and buried with the release of their Greatest Hits package four years ago. While "Incomplete", the latest release from the boys, proves you can't, in fact, teach an old dog new tricks, it does suggest that some dogs needn't bother messing with a successful formula. Which is precisely what this song is - a formula. It worked well for many years, and if their ageing fanbase latches on to this latest release (and indications suggests they are), it should be another hit for the vocal group.

* * (Muzikritik)

From their "Never Gone" album, the Backstreet Boys show no sign of wanting to change direction. Instead, they've splurged out another relatively soulless, forgettable ballad, in spite of some very plastic, fake orchestral production. Vocally, the "Boys" sound very non-descript throughout and (pardoning the pun) the song sounds very incomplete.

* (Paul Matthews)

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