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Released: 4th July 2005.

Mariah Carey - We Belong TogetherMariah Carey turns 44 today, or 45 depending on which source you believe - the decades-long age mystery continues - and as is the custom every March 27th since its release, fans are more likely than not spinning "We Belong Together" on repeat to celebrate the occasion.

Why "We Belong Together" among her lengthy list of chart-topping hits? Well, "We Belong Together" is perhaps the best testament to Carey's staying power in the industry. The artist of the 90s decade in the US, the early years of the millennium were unkind to Mariah, both personally and professionally, and many had all but written the R&B songstress off until "We Belong Together" came along, shattering airplay records and returning the Songbird Supreme to the massive figures of success that eluded her for eight years.

But is the song itself any good? Furnished with her signature ornate vocals and deeply regretful, passionate vocals, Mariah unites her two strongest qualities as the premier singer/songwriter of the last quarter-century to create a truly timeless evergreen. "We Belong Together" is more than 'good'; it is the quintessential jewel in one of the most golden careers in music history and, since its release almost nine years ago, has served as the standard by which all Mariah Carey songs are now measured.

So happy birthday Mariah, and may 2014 produce a single from your bosom half as brilliant as this treasured classic.

* * * * * (JSparksFan)

After giving one of the most outstanding performances at Live 8, Mariah Carey looks to be a shoe-in for the No. 1 spot this week - and that's a sentence I never thought I'd say again. Her current album "The Emancipation Of Mimi" has been a real reversal of fortunes for the world's biggest diva. "We Belong Together" is a fan favourite, and rightly so - it sees Mariah back in ballad territory and effortlessly showing off her amazing vocal capabilities. For those who prefer Mariah's upbeat material, this is the best of both worlds, as the Jadakiss and Styles P remix works a treat. Welcome back Mariah!

* * * * * (SholasBoy)

Mariah Carey's emancipation has worked more effectively than anticipated. Album sales worldwide are healthy thanks to the club groove "It's Like That", but the real standout on 'Mimi' appears to be this mid-tempo hip-hop ballad. "We Belong Together", a Jermaine-Dupri-produced megahit, has a slick beat buried underneath Carey's heartbreak-revealing lyrics and genuinely human delivery. Brought to life by a Brett Ratner-directed opus featuring MC in her real-life wedding dress, here is the Mariah hit most deserving of a number one this century.

* * * * * (Muzikritik)

From her album "The Emancipation Of Mimi", Mariah Carey returns with a mid-tempo ballad which, as hard as it tries, ends up being completely unspectacular and barely noticeable. Mariah does sound slightly more in control of her vocals than she has done in recent times, but it isn't even a very testing song vocally.

* (Paul Matthews)

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