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Released: 27th June 2005.

The Faders - JumpThe second single from the crazy pop/rock girl group The Faders is the happy-go-lucky "Jump". A perfect chick flick track that you could easily picture on one of those American teen movies, The Faders don't seem particularly new. Even though the song is an original, it follows the usual pattern of songs called "Jump" by featuring a build up to a chorus of just shouting the word - a la Kriss Kross, Pointer Sisters/Girls Aloud and Van Halen/Bus Stop. Despite that, the song is pretty catchy and seems to hold some longevity too. I reckon the girls have at least a couple more singles in them yet.

* * * * (SholasBoy)

It's funny how even three years after Miss Lavigne hit our screens, bands like The Faders act as though they're the hottest thing around. There are loads of female rockers on the scene who are better than this trash. I think, if anything, The Faders are actually discouraging women from playing their own instruments. It's just the outcome of a record label desperate to cover new ground.

* (Lex)

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