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Released: 27th June 2005.

Amos Lee - ColorsThe first UK single from the inspiring Amos Lee is the beautiful "Colors", featuring the ever popular Norah Jones. I have a feeling Amos is going to sell albums by the bucketload, but like Norah, Katie Melua, Damien Rice and Eva Cassidy, will probably not be as hot when it comes to singles. Definitely fitting for a more mature audience, Amos presents a unique voice with a large range. Thankfully he doesn't push it too much, hitting the higher notes in all the right places just the right amount of times. Some have described him as a country artist, but I feel this is a little more jazz meets soul. It does at least prove there's a wide audience waiting for him out there.

* * * * (SholasBoy)

Amos Lee is an American singer/songwriter in the same vein as Damien Rice - that is to say a very chilled, laid-back and very talented artist. "Colors" is the first I've heard of Amos Lee's music, but it does encourage me to explore the guy's back catalogue. If any of it is this good, we might have found a new Damien.

* * * * (Tiger)

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