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Released: 12th February 2001.

Backstreet Boys - The CallThis song's about the lads going out on the own and meeting up with a woman, but oops, they already have a girl, and she's waiting at home. I'm not a huge Backstreet Boys fan, but I do like this song. It's catchy and slightly R&B influenced, which is more my kind of music. I think this will be one of those songs that should have gone to No. 1, but probably won't. It will, however, continue the band's run of Top 10 hits.

* * * * (Mike Griffiths)

Accused recently of being "*NSync-ish", the second offering from "Black And Blue" is certainly faster paced than any Backstreet Boys single I can remember. Personally I think there are one or two far more *NSync-like tracks getting airplay at the moment, but I'm not sure the Backstreet Boys will score as high with this as they did with "Shape Of My Heart". They are trying to be different, but it's not very catchy.

* * (Janet Valentine)

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