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Released: 18th July 2005.

Lee Ryan - Army Of LoversOne of the most talented vocalists the UK has to offer returns this week with his debut solo effort. Lee Ryan, of boy band Blue fame, is perhaps more famous for his bed hopping antics and his controversial opinions, but this should get him noticed for all the right reasons. A fantastic songwriter as well as singer, this song isn't without its faults (some say it's a little bland), but it's very easy to listen to. I'd say Lee has managed to come up trumps.

* * * * (king_oxymoron)

After Blue's career had started to sink, now is a good time for Lee Ryan to go solo, and "Army Of Lovers" is pleasingly a vast improvement on Blue's recent material. Even though his voice is hard to listen to in places on this song, his strong vocals do help to improve the track.

* * * (Paul Matthews)

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