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Released: 25th July 2005.

Ex-lead singer with Moloko, Roisin Murphy returns with a wonderful debut single. It follows a handful of EPs released earlier this year sampling her new sound. Sounding somewhat similar to Kate Bush and Tori Amos, Roisin's gone for a much darker sound to the glitter ball hits we're used to from her, although we always knew she was a little bit nutty! Lifted from her debut solo album "Ruby Blue", this could be a great start to her reinvention!

* * * (SholasBoy)

Moloko frontwoman Roisin releases a new single this week - but is it up to the standard of her previous group? I would argue no. It's not altogether awful, but in no way as memorable as tunes like "Sing It Back" or "The Time Is Now" and I don't think it will impact the charts in the same way either. I'm sure Roisin's music will be highly acclaimed by critics, but her voice begins to grate just a little too much for this to be enjoyable.

* * (king_oxymoron)

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