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Released: 19th February 2001.

Melanie B - Feels So GoodMelanie B's fourth solo single is in my opinion her best work yet! "Feels So Good", taken from her debut solo album "Hot", is, well, a song that makes you feel so good. It's a happy song, and will make you want to sing along, dance and smile. A definite hit that gives you the full feel good factor.

* * * * * (Mike Griffiths)

"Feels So Good" is Melanie B's fourth solo single, and the second from her album "Hot". If you like R&B/pop, this track was made for you. In my opinion it's one of the best tracks on Melanie's album, and I liked it from the first time I heard it. However, a little originality would be nice, and after several listens it's beginning to bore me a little. Maybe Melanie C can give her a few tips?

* * * * (Ofer Timor)

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