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Released: 25th July 2005.

Eminem - Ass Like ThatWhilst his first three commercial solo albums were generally solid affairs with a number of decent singles, "Encore" is struggling rather badly. "Ass Like That" is another of Eminem's funny songs, only this time he's trying a little too hard to copy his protégé 50 Cent with the rude lyrics. Still, 50 Cent wouldn't talk about his "slinky go(ing) da-doing-doing-doing"!

* * * (matthew_dixon)

From "Encore", Eminem is back with another characteristically infantile song that seriously questions his critical acclaim. As annoying as the song is, it is thankfully very forgettable, largely because of the weak production and Eminem's more half-hearted than usual rapping. Probably his worst single to date.

* (Paul Matthews)

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