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Released: 25th July 2005.

Natalie Imbruglia - Counting Down The DaysNatalie Imbruglia is back with the title track from her third album "Counting Down The Days", and this is easily the stand out. Written about her husband, Siverchair frontman Daniel Jones, who also produced the song, this is a beautiful tale about the pain and joy of keeping love in the distance. Natalie shows how good a singer she has become with an emotional and sincere performance over this terrific pop/rock ballad. The soft verses melt into a shiny chorus which exudes optimism in a way that's hard to resist and, by the time the bell section kicks in, you'll be totally hooked. Easily one of her best singles to date, expect this to become another hit for the Australian songstress.

* * * * * (Xevi)

Following up "Shiver", Natalie Imbruglia works her magic formula yet again to come up with a catchy and solid - if not earth-shattering - single. As always, Natalie takes a strong melody, adds insightful meaningful lyrics and delivers her vocals impeccably to make this as breezy and radio-friendly as ever.

* * * * (Paul Matthews)

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