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Released: 27th March 2000.

Destiny's Child - Say My NameThe last time these girls were in the charts, they had a very different line-up. The swapping of two of the members hasn't been reflected in the actual recording, but Destiny's Child -2 +2 have chosen the perfect third single from the album, which is catchy, upbeat, and the vocals are top notch. In fact, it's hard to criticise it at all. It would have received top marks, but they lose one for getting rid of two of the sexiest ladies in music!

* * * * (DS)

Another song from the "Writings On The Wall" album, and in my opinion, the best yet. It's yet another R&B song that puts men down, but this has a catchy tune that you'll be humming all day long. It's had a fair bit of airplay, so expect it to make a big splash in next week's chart. The lyrics in places leave a little to be desired - "baby" is mentioned about 25 times, but is outdone by "Say My Name", that's sung at least 105 times! Anyway, it's going to be a big hit.

* * * (Lee Knowles)

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