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Released: 8th August 2005.

The UK's feistiest new MC is back with a follow up to the flop single "Random". This time, thanks to much more exposure, she could find herself in the Top 20 with this Eminem-esque comedy track. Still, it's unclear to me how Lady Sovereign can call Jentina's style different, when her own seems to be very similar - just not as good. Her voice does grate after a while and there's no longevity to this track at all, so it could be over all too soon for this pocket sized monster.

* * * (SholasBoy)

The girl who uses Jentina to try and get noticed is having another stab at the UK charts. Whereas "9 To 5" is more commercial than her previous efforts, unfortunately it's just as poor. The only plus side is that it sums up the chav culture in a nutshell. If this manages to enter the Top 10, I'll buy a Burberry cap and then eat it...

* (lunatek)

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